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 SINCE 2005 

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Together, let's create the objects of tomorrow !


NEWS : obtention de l'agrément CII pour les 5 prochaines années  (2023-2027) permettant 30% de crédits d'impôts sur les études éligibles à un projet d'innovation.


INOVEO Design is a French creative design studio based in Lyon (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes) and which has been working for 18 years on all types of products ranges (luggage and leather goods, Hi-Fi and electronics, mobility, toys and childcare, bags, shoes, sports equipment, medical, furniture and decoration...).

Led by designer Guillaume Garait, INOVEO Design agency is also supported by a network of experts (design offices, engineering, prototypist, manufacturers and factories in France and abroad, marketing agency).

We support you in a flexible offer that is really adapted to your needs, throughout your project: from the first sketches to the most innovative concepts, up to the complete industrialization and commercial launch of your project.

Concerned about the environmental issues of tomorrow, INOVEO Design will also be able to guide you in the eco-design of your products (waste reduction, recycled and recyclable materials, transport optimisation...).

Trust the expertise and the French design skills to start your best challenges ! :-)

Let's talk about your project !

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